mid-winter warm-up

Yes, it's winter! Gardens are bleak,  roads are icy and skies are grey..all the more reason to stay in doors, cosy up your favourite spaces and enjoy the fire.

A twig of yellow witch hazel looks stark but bright and smells divine. Layer up your chairs and sofas with throws and cushions in warm welcoming colours and draw the curtains against the elements.

I am loving my bed at the moment - lots of natural fibres - linen, cotton, wool and feathers. I have added some bright coloured layers to the neutral linen to enhance the warmth - chartreuse, green, plum and gold.  Hard to stay out of bed actually!



kmart - who knew?

I was recently impressed on a trip to K mart (!) with the range of funky on-trend accessories at available at fabulous prices in this giant bargain barn. It may be common knowledge to those who have regular access to K Mart, but I was pleasantly surprised..

copper lamps, funky marble & pine kitchen canisters, glass & pine terrarium planters, lovely hanging plant holders in divine pastels and entry door mats in bright colours, shapes and welcoming slogans.

They won't be investment pieces, but are a great way to liven up your space with some up-to-the minute knick knacks, without breaking the bank.

end of summer?

According to the calendar the end of summer is near, but looking in the garden it seems we are right in the midst of it's first flourish! It could be something to do with my southerly location, and the (finally) settled weather! Bold gold sunflowers nodding in the breeze, vivid pink echinacea flowers trying to reach similar heights, pink/white/red geraniums filling spaces below and soft spears of purple lavender floating in their midst.  With nature any colour scheme seems to work!

 Bring summer indoors with bold mixes of unexpected colour, in a glass jug, bright vase or several old jam jars. Complement the colours with a cushion, throw or table runner in similar hues, and brighten up your indoor space to match the riot outdoors!